Top 10 Class Rules


I)††††††††† You are responsible for the material discussed in class, this includes days you are absent. Quizzes may be excused, but tests will not. Make-up tests are your responsibility. You must tell me that you need a make-up test. Make-up tests will be different and have a different format than the original test.


II) †††††† Be on time each day. When the bell rings, you must be in your seat or well on your way. If you are standing around talking, you will be marked tardy.


III)†††††† You will be assigned a seat and will be expected to sit in that seat each day. If you are sitting in an unassigned seat, you will be marked absent.


IV)              Be prepared. Bring paper, pen or pencil and your notebook to class each day. You will not be permitted to go to your locker or to another classroom to get your notebook or assignments once class has started.


V)††††††† Do not bring food, drink, or gum into the classroom. Lets keep our school clean. Itís an issue of pride.


VI)†††††† It is your responsibility to make sure that your assignments are completed and turned in on time. It is your responsibility to pick up your assignments and turn in your work the day after you return from any excused absence. Being absent from class does not excuse you from doing the assignment.It is your responsibility to collect and complete missed assignments when you are absent.


VII)††††† The bell does NOT dismiss class. When it is time to go, at the end of the period, I will dismiss you if everything is in order.


VIII)††† No one will be allowed to sleep (or put their head down) in class. If you have a health issue, please let me know. Your privacy will be completely respected.


IX)†††††† Please note that MCPS guidelines state that late work received prior to the deadline will receive a 10% deduction in grade. In accordance to MCPS policy, late work submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Extenuating circumstances, like a death in the family or a serious illness will be considered on an individual, one-time only basis, if allowed under MCPS policy. This rule will be strictly adhered to, so these circumstances must be exceptional and allowable under the MCPS policy. Please be aware that MCPS policy does not allow teachers to give extra credit for any reason; therefore, it is important to do your work properly and to turn it in early or on time.


X)                School rules will be adhered to strictly. You are expected to know them and follow them. Any variation will result in immediate disciplinary action.