The Cayman Islands

For beach lovers, the Caymans are truly heaven. Grand Cayman reminded me a lot of the place I spent most of my life, Florida. The difference was that the Island, and its sister islands are very small. By far, the most interesting part of my tour in the Spring of 2004 was Stingray City. These sea creatures are a lot like cats that like to brush up against you. Of course one needs to be mindful of the stinger in the middle of their tail.

The Cayman Islands were colonized from Jamaica by the British during the 18th and 19th centuries. Administered by Jamaica since 1863, they remained a British dependency after 1962 when they became independent. The Cayman Islands  makes most of its money in banking and tourism.

Georgetown, CI  2004

Stingray City

A Stingray at Stingray City

Fort George 2004