The Canary Islands

 We really enjoyed traveling to the Carnary Islands that we have placed them on the list of places to retire to. They are a suprisingly scenic and a real hidden Jem off the coast of Africa. We traveled to the Canary Islands in the summer of 2015, visiting Gran Canary, Lanzarote, and Tenerife.  

It is widely believed that the Ancient Greeks and Phoenicians were aware of and traveled to the Canary Islands. When the Romans explored the islands they encountered a number of indigenous people. The Spanish started to conquer the islands in the mid 1300's but where not able to completely take control until 1495. Some of the first slaves taken from Africa in the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade arrived in Canaries shortly there after. Aside from the islands being attacked by the Dutch and then the British, life in the islands have remained Spanish territory. In 1982, the islands gained autonomy.

Arrecife, Lanzarote 2015

Las Palmas, Gran Canary Island 2015

Santa Cruz, Tenerife 2015