Germany is an exceptional nation among the countries of the world. It is a country filled with historical icons. It is also a nation with a very turbulent history. Despite that, Germany is now a leader among the worlds nations economically. I first traveled to Germany just after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Since then I have returned to Germany several times. I love visiting this country and I look forward to returning in the future. I am proud to be a German descendant.

The country we know as Germany today was throughout history mostly an association of states. Following the French revolution, the German states fought against Napoleons army. After the revolutions of 1848, the first German Parliament was created. After a victory in the French-Prussian war in 1871, a unification of the German states was attained, which initiated a period of great advances in various areas, the economy, the political area and the military. This is the time when Germany became one of the great world powers.  During the next two decades, Otto Von Bismarck would dominate European politics. When William II was crowned as Kaiser, Bismarck was dismissed. In 1914, at the end of World War I, the Hohenzollern dynasty was deposed. The winning nations imposed the Versailles Treaty on German causing it significant economic hardship. Eventually this lead to the downfall of the Weimar Republic. The economic crisis allowed the  German National Socialist Workers’ Party (Nazi) to take power, doing away with democracy. Nazi Germany lasted 12 years (1933-1945).  At first Germany had great military successes gaining control over most of European and North Africa. But its attack on Russia in 1941 would eventually fail. In spite of being resoundly defeated, Germany's economic recovery was quick after 1950 and it became an economic power. In 1990 the four allied powers and the 2 federal states signed an agreement in Moscow to end the rights of the allied powers in Germany. As a founding country, Germany has had an important role in the formation and current success of the European Union.

The Berlin Wall 1990

Berlin 1998

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Rothenburg, 1999

Hamburg 1998