Gibraltar may be small, but it quite a fascinating place. Tucked on a small peninsula in Southern Spain, strategically located at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, this British possession has been fought over by a number of European powers throughout  history. Its actual ownership is still being argued over, between Spain and Britain. Aside from that, it is quite a beautiful little peninsula and it has a lot to offer. For example, Gibraltar is the only place in Europe with a wild primate population. It's proximity to Africa is also quite interesting. Only 8 miles away,  is easy to see the coast of Africa on a clear day, and the lights of Africa at night.

Strategically important, Gibraltar was ceded to Great Britain by Spain in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht; the British garrison was formally declared a colony in 1830. In referendums held in 1967 and 2002, Gibraltarians ignored Spanish pressure and voted overwhelmingly to remain a British dependency.

"How do I get this Monkey off my back?"
Barbary Apes - Gibraltar 1997

Tunnels dug by British Troops to defend the "Rock"

The Myth of Gibraltar