I traveled to Liechtenstein in December of 2011. One of the smallest nations in the world, the country is quite beautiful and pristine with a small population, centered in the Alps Mountains, between Austria and Switzerland. We traveled here on a day trip and basically worked our way around the interesting sites in the capital Vaduz, with-in a few hours.

Liechtenstein, became an independent country in 1719. The region was an ancient Roman province that was of little influence or importance. The province did become important in the Holy Roman Empire in the 1700's as the Liechtenstein family became voting members of the Reichstag (HRE Parliament.) After the chaos of Napoleon's invasion in 1806 and withdraw in 1815, the area became a member of the German Confederation, closely associated with Austria. In 1866, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved and soon after, Liechtenstein disbanded it's military and declared its neutrality in Europe, but remained close to Austria. The country was seriously affected by World War I economically, even though it was neutral, and as a result, was forced to form a close relationship with Switzerland because Austria was a major player in the war and on the losing side. Today the country is a tax haven for large corporations and wealthy people, who pay little to no taxes. Its current population is around 32,000 people.

City of Vaduz (December 2011)

Images from Liechtenstein (December 2011)