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On this page you will find links to the dates your class assignments are due, the class syllabus, class rules, and the area to check your grades.

These links will take you to the class calendar which will show you test dates, quiz dates, and dates worksheets and other assignments are due.

This link will take you to the class syllabus which will explain how you will be evaluated. It also shows test dates and other vital information pertaining to the course. A list of class rules is also shown. 

Important Websites
Collegeboard AP World History Homepage
AP World History Units of Study
Generic Rubrics for AP World Essays
Writing a Basic Essay
Mr. Stanton’s Mongol Webquest
Mr. Stanton's Muslim Empires Webquest
Mr. Stanton's Predict The Future Webquest
PowerPoint Presentations from Class
Companion Website for "Stearns, World Civilizations, 4th Ed." Text
Chapter Notes/Outline Worksheet
Chapter Notes/Outline Worksheet (MS Word)
Rubric for Research Paper
Rubric for Research Presenation
AP Exam Final Review PowerPoint


Helpful Websites

Excellent Downloadable World History Atlas
Excellent Macro History
Excellent Country Studies from Library of Congress
History Channel Website
Hyper History On-Line
History World Website
Info. Please Timelines
World History Archives
Fact Monster
Historical Timelines
Ancient History Source Book
Modern History Source Book
The Complete History of China
The History of Africa
Native American History
History of India
Art History Site
European Monarchs Website
Full History of the British Monarchy
Guide to Castles in Europe
Majory Events in Japanese History
History of Buddhism
History of Judaism
History of Christianity
History of Islam
History of Mesoamerica
Code of  Hammurabi Translated
Petersons Study Guide Info.
Barrons AP World Flashcards

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