Antigua and Barbuda

I traveled to St. Johns, Antigua  in late March of 2010. Antigua and Barbuda is a small nation, relatively poor nation that consist of two islands in the Windward Island chain, south of the British and American Virgin Islands. The islands make their money on tourism. The countries main draw is its beautiful beaches. Cruise ships are the biggest draw to the capital. This is how I traveled to the islands.   

<>The first inhabitants of the islands of Antigua and Bermuda are believed to be the Siboney Indians. It's believed the Siboney came to the Northern Windward Islands sometime around 3100 BCE. The Arawak Indians conquered the islands around the first year of Christ and the Carib's  took control around 1100. Columbus landed on Antigua during his second trip in 1493. When Columbus arrived he gave the main island (Antigua) it name after a church  in Seville, Spain. Europeans first colonized the island in 1632. The English arrived on the island in 1667. The country gained its' independence from Britain in 1981.

St. John's Antigua 2010

Beautiful Antigua 2010

Images of St. John's