Perhaps more then any country that I have traveled to, Brazil holds the greatest promise for the future. It is a very large nation with vast natural wonders, friendly people, and a significant number of natural resources. I have always enjoyed my travels to Brazil. Even though I have been five times and I have traveled to ten cities, I know I still have a lot more to see.
Following three centuries under the rule of Portugal, Brazil became an independent nation in 1822. By far the largest and most populous country in South America, Brazil has overcome more than half a century of military intervention in the governance of the country to pursue industrial and agricultural growth and development of the interior. Exploiting vast natural resources and a large labor pool, Brazil is today South America's leading economic power and a regional leader. Brazil's flag is green, representing its tropical forest with a large yellow diamond in the center bearing a blue celestial globe with 27 white five-pointed stars (one for each state and the Federal District) arranged in the same pattern as the night sky over Brazil; the globe has a white equatorial band with the motto ORDEM E PROGRESSO (Order and Progress)  (CIA Factbook)

Brasilia 1993

Rio De Janeiro 1990

(14 years later in the same location) Rio De Janeiro 2004

Iguazu Falls 2004

The Amazon Jungle 2004
More Pictures from my 2004 Amazon trip follow below
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Images from Brazil 2011 - Florianopolis and Guarapari