I don't remember too much about Belorussia because I was only in the country for 1 day. What I do remember was that I was not very impressed with what I saw. As a result, I did not take a lot of pictures. The city of Minsk was totally destroyed by the Nazi's as they retreated from the Soviet Union, so the city was rebuilt in the Soviet concept. That means that aside from a few unique looking buildings, the rest of Minsk looked like one big Soviet apartment complex. The countryside was also very poor by European standards.

After seven decades as a constituent republic of the USSR, Belarus attained its independence in 1991. It has retained closer political and economic ties to Russia than any of the other former Soviet republics. Belarus and Russia signed a treaty on a two-state union on 8 December 1999 envisioning greater political and economic integration. Although Belarus agreed to a framework to carry out the accord, serious implementation has yet to take place.