I fell in love with this country. It reminds me a lot of Florida, with the exception of its much more abundant and various wildlife population. Belize combines natural beauty with history. The people are also very friendly. I would love to go back to Belize in the future and explore its rivers, reefs, and Mayan cities in more depth.

Belize is roughly the size of Massachusetts and has a population of 230,000, which is comprised of Creole, Carib, Landinos (i.e., mestizos), and Mennonite people. Belize is a popular tourist destination because of its magnificent reefs, towering rainforests, remote cays, and spectacular wildlife. Its rich history of Mayan occupancy attracts history enthusiasts and archeologists from around the world, while its official language (English) and friendly people break down communication barriers that exist in other countries.

Altun Ha, Spring 2004

Altun Ha

The Belize River

Crocodile on The Belize River 2004