Denmark is a wonderful country with quite a lot to offer the traveler. Copenhagen is a world class city with an old world charm. I traveled to Denmark in 1998 and again in 2008. Most of my time was spent in Copenhagen. Denmark is one of Europe's wealthiest countries and travelers often find the country to be quite expensive.

Since 500 BC present-day Denmark was inhabited by Danish tribes. Danish Vikings establish power in the ninth century in England and Normandy and around 950 the Kingdom of Denmark came into being. During the viking period (9th-11th centuries), Denmark was a great power. In the early 11th century, king Canute united Denmark and England for almost 30 years. From 1000 on, Denmark occupied a large part of Northern Europe, including Estonia and Norway, but it finally lost control over England. During the Kalmar Union of 1397 the Kingdom of Denmark formed a personal union with Sweden and Norway.  Sweden became independent in 1523. After the Napoleonic war Denmark has to sede Norway to Sweden in 1814.

Denmark remained an absolute monarchy until 1849 when it became a parliamentary monarchy. Denmark introduced universal suffrage in 1915. From 1918 on. Denmark formed a personal union with its former colony of Iceland. From 1940 to 1945 Denmark was occupied by Germany. During this occupation Iceland, occupied by the United States, became independent.

In 1973 Denmark joined the European Community (later renamed The European Union.) 

Copenhagen, 1998

Inside Rosenborg Castle

Amalienborg Castle

Town Hall Square in Copenhagen

Images of Copenhagen 2008