The Faeroe Islands

Not your typical vacation spot, the Faeroe Islands are very interesting and quite exotic. The Islands lie East-Southeast of Iceland and possess a unique charm. Travel to the Faeroes is great via a cruise, like I did, or if you are making a hop over to Iceland, Northern Scotland, or Norway. If your looking for a peaceful, safe and unique place to visit, you will find all of that and more in the Faeroes.

The population of the Faroe Islands is largely descended from Viking settlers who arrived in the 9th century. The islands have been connected politically to Denmark since the 14th century. A high degree of self-government was attained in 1948.
The Flag was designed to look a lot like the Danish flag.

Torshavn 2003

If I had grown up here, I can hear my dad telling me to mow to roof, when I was 10.

Beautiful countryside, but notice there are no trees.