I realize that very few people have had the experience of seeing this stunningly beautiful and unspoiled place. Greenland is a place like no other on our planet. For nature lovers, like myself, it is the ultimate experience. I traveled to Greenland in the summer of 2003.

Claimed by Denmark in 1380, Greenland is geographically considered part of the North American continent, and is the world's largest (non-continent) island, approximately 85% of it covered with ice.

Greenland was granted self-government in 1978 by the Danish parliament, but Denmark still controls Greenland's foreign affairs, and the island officially remains a territory of Denmark.
    The flag of Greenland was officially adopted in 1985. It was designed by a local artist and features the Danish colors. The white is a symbol of the ice and snow that covers most of the island, and the red symbolic of the sun.

My "Zen Spot" in Qaqortoq 2003

Prince Christians Sound 2003

I have almost one hundred stunning pictures like this from Prince Christians Sound.