We traveled to Indonesia in the Summer of 2016 on a cruise out of Perth, Australia. Our trip included a visit to Probolinggo, Semarang, and the amazing Borobudur Temple in Java. We also visited the islands of Bali, Lombok, and Komodo were we got to see the famed Komodo Dragon. Indonesia is a diverse country made up of over 18,000 islands. The island of Java is the most densely populated island in the world. The roads in Indonesia are horrible, but we found the people to be very friendly and the sites to be quite amazing. 

Buddhist kingdoms helped to form the foundation of Indonesia in the 600's CE. When Arab traders came to the islands in the 1200's they brought with them the Islamic religion, which over time became the dominate religion in most of the islands. When the Europeans came in the 1500's, they found the area divided into small nation-states. This allowed the Europeans, namely the Dutch, led by the Dutch East India Company, to dominate the islands using their superior weapons. The main draw for the Europeans was the spice trade. By the beginning of the 19th Century, the Dutch government had gained control over the islands. The islands were invaded by Japan in World War II, which gave the people of Indonesia the opportunity to declare independence from the Dutch by 1949. The country then became a dictatorship until 1998 and it is now a shaky Democracy. 

Komodo Island National Park - home of the Komodo Dragoni

Semarang, Central Java, and the Temple of Borobudur

Probolinggo 2016

The Island of Bali

The Island of Lombok