United Arab Emirates

Traveling to the United Arab Emirates was quite a rush as it is the home of two of the worlds most modern cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I traveled to both cities and the Coast along the Gulf of Oman. The UAE does in fact have some of the worlds most modern buildings. In Dubai, I saw the indoor snow ski area, went to the top of the worlds tallest building and traveled the length of the largest man-made palm island. In Abu Dhabi, I got to see the worlds most beautiful mosque, and along the UAE east coast, I got to see a number of traditional villages. 

Arabs migrated to the area around the 9th Century BCE. In the Middle Ages the UAE was part of the kingdom of Hormuz. By the early 1500's the Portuguese conquered the area, controlling it until the early 1600's, when the British took part of it from the Portuguese. The other part would shortly be controlled by the Empire of Oman. The British would later take all of the area.

The modern United Arab Emirates federation was formed in 1971 with the help of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi. Seven of the nine original sovereign holdings of the British Empire now make up the UAE and the City of Abu Dhabi is the counties capital.


  Abu Dhabi 2013

Dubai 2013

Amazing Dubai

UAE East Coast